Hailing from Central Texas, Dead Horse Creek is a punk/metal outfit heavily inspired by Spaghetti Western films. The music is a series of concept albums chronicling the legend of The Bloody Higgins Boys, an outlaw gang in the late 19th century. Their stories include prison breaks, train robberies, gunfights, and encounters with the supernatural. The live show has been known to cause quite the raucous with band members staying true to character throughout the show and a supporting cast of saloon girls and ne'er-do-wells driving audience interaction.


As The Bloody Higgins Boys…

Glen Hargis as Bull Higgins

Anthony Henderson as Buck Higgins

Ian Ellis as Bug Lebeaux

Justin Dent as The Kid (live), Chester Sullivan (album)

Other Characters include:

Joshua “el Chingon” Medina as Uncle Javiar “Sapo” Medina

Jhet Brazil as El Cucuy



Kipp Chesnutt as Buck Higgins

JGT Hovius as The Kid

Tinus Jewels Seaux as Bug Lebeaux

Jarett Bostick as Buck Higgins (live), Bill Braxton (album)

Danny Smith as Wolfe Burton (album only)

Violet Schrock as Saloon Girl (live), Spirit of Esperanza (album

Marissa Brazil as Saloon Girl (live)

Laurel Fairbanks as Saloon Girl (live)

Roo as Shirley the Saloon Girl (album only)

Jared Wiley as Wiley/ Deadbeat (album only)

Kirsten Boynt as Bugler (album only)

Nick Lochman as Bodie Gutts (album only)





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